What food to bring to poker night

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4. Muffaletta: The New Orleans sandwich is the perfect picnic food. Cut into slices before you leave and you have yourself handheld scrumdiddlyumptious-ness.7. Sushi: I don’t usually think sushi is a great date food, but if you’re on a picnic date, it’s another story. It’s perfectly portable and easy to eat.

Feb 1, 2006 ... On poker night, anything can happen; guys are free to be themselves. It's not about the money, the snacks or the beer. Okay it's about the ... How to Host a Poker Night - Men's Journal Throw an easy, no-stress poker night with the guys using these 4 simple tips. ... you'll need to hit the jackpot with food, ambience, cocktails and the right poker pals. ... “If you can't find a spot that has great overhead lighting, then bring in some ... Ultimate Home Poker Game Setup - Guide to Playing At Home From attracting the right players to serving snacks that keep everyone focused. ... Want to know how to put on the ultimate poker night for you and your pals? ... Don't bother bringing out the novelty deck you brought home from Tijuana either. Poker Night Tickets, Sat, May 11, 2019 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite

To see if life would imitate art, TVGuide.com recently spent a night at River Rock Casino in suburban Vancouver with James Roday and Dulé Hill...

Kuleto brought his 2001 Kuleto Estate Cabernet, while Coppola contributed his 1999In one of the last hands of the night, Kuleto called another game of Five Card Draw: jacks or better to open, trips (threeAndy Bellin is a Los Angeles—based screenwriter and author of the bestselling Poker Nation. Diary - Quintessentially Foundation Poker Night

The fifth article in our How to Host the Perfect Poker Home Game is a special one as Christopher Null of Drinkhacker.com fame has provided a fantastic selection of potential adult beverages to serve at your next poker game.

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(Unless of course your poker night is just a one-time special occasion!) If you’ve set a date, don’t change it. It’s a common temptation when a few folks cancel on you, but the reality of life is that you won’t have everyone present all the time. With a recent poker night, only three of the eight guys I invited could make it.