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Filing & Sanding Tools: Small Files & Other Tools These softly padded, double-sided flexible files let you sand convex or concave curves, small slots and other hard-to-sand shapes without gouging.

Plus you get to say "fee fie fo fum" when making the bone dust (by sanding a reject nut blank or old bone nut). CA may seem to harden quickly, but it continues to harden for quite a while after it seems "dry". So I suggest filling the slots then going to sleep, then file the new slots the next morning. Cheap Nut Files | Aug 01, 2012 · File the nut slot depth slowly, using automotive feeler gauges to make sure the string clearance at the first fret equals the clearance at the second when … Using Feeler Gauges to Control Nut Slot Depth | The feeler gauges let you cut the string slot depths quickly and accurately, without going too low. When the nut slots have been started just deep enough to hold the strings, switch to your nut files and X-acto sawblades. File at a back angle to the nut's front edge, so that … Super Cheap Nut Files - FRETS.NET May 13, 2009 · I am without nut files. I have wanted to buy a set for a while now, but I work for a Newspaper and blah blah blah no job security blah blah blah I am cheap blah blah blah. Anyways, I am just about finished with a silverware box guitar and I was working on the nut. I got the idea to use an old set of strings and my jewlers saw to make the nut slots.

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Guitar Repair Tools - Nut Slotting Files Nut slots not only control the string spacing, they also control the action or height of the strings above the lower frets. Guitar Nut Removal & Replacement | Shaping and Filing Pre

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Best DIY tools for nut slot adjustments? - This is exactly how I filed the nut slot using the feeler gauges as nut files (thanks to Rob for his idea). After using feeler gauges as nut files, I had the need to buy a rotary tool set (80 pieces total from Harbor Freight, for 30$). In this set there are a few pieces with the round tip (various diameter) that can be used as nut (SLOT) files. guitar nut files | eBay 3pcs Diamond Guitar Nut Files Fret Crowning Slot Filing Luthier Repair Tools Kit See more like this. SPONSORED. Guitar Nut Bridge Slot Files Filing Tool Set Long-Shaft Sander Files Cuts Better. Brand New · Unbranded · DIY Project Kit · Acoustic Guitar. $5.59. Save up to 21% when you buy more. Widening nut slots without nut files. | Widening nut slots without nut files. Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by father of fires, Apr 16, 2014.

Stop your string slot file before it cuts too deep and the nut is ruined! StewMac's Dan Erlewine and Don MacRostie, the inventor of the tool, show how it works.How to file nut slots! This Martin has terrible buzzing of the 6th string on the first fret, the rest of the nut is perfect so here I fill the slot with...

19CM GUITAR BASS Nut Slotting File Nut Slot Filing Saw ... 19CM GUITAR BASS Nut Slotting File Nut Slot Filing Saw Luthier Filing Tool AU - $8.65. 173901713224 Nut file to expand the slot width? - Les Paul Forum My 02 R8 has the "ping" problem of not staying in tune after bends, etc. I realize I have to expand the width of the nut slots where the strings head to the tuners. Question is, nut files are for cutting slots, not shaving off the sides. Any suggestions on what to use to expand the slot openings, especially on the E and B?? Filing the ol' nut slots - Repairs and Technical - Basschat

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10x guitar file fret nut saddle slot grinding set luthier repair ... Widely used for guitar nut, saddles, pickguard, fret and more. - Suitable for kinds of guitar repairing needs. - Various shape, equaling flat, square, round, half ... Guitar Bridge Saddle Nut Files Set - 13 Different Size ... Stainless Steel Files: Made of high-quality steels, perfect tools filing string slots into nut and bridge. PINS PULLER: made of ABS, for Pull out the string pegs.